Friday, June 8, 2007

Back to normal

Yesterday and today, Natalie is back to her normal short nap in the morning and slightly longer nap in the afternoon. I think her extreme tiredness on Wednesday was due to the vaccinations she got Monday afternoon.

I called her therapy clinic today and set up a speech evaluation to take the place of one occupational therapy session. We plan to have a speech evaluation once a month. The state program that pays for her therapy only approves speech therapy for kids who are cognitively 18 months. She just turned 18 months and she's not cognitively 18 months, but we can get a speech evaluation once a month, where a therapist will work with her for one hour and give us things to work on with her at home in the ensuing month.

I'm really hopeful that her recent vocalization will turn into speech (I would estimate that 50% of kids with this syndrome are non-verbal). She really seems interested in playing with the sounds coming out of her mouth, more than she has in the past. "B", "M" and "W" were the consonant sounds today. We're taking every opportunity to encourage her in the new sounds.


BoggyWoggy said...

Hooray for your Happy Family! I love reading your site!

Cindy said...

Thanks boggywoggy!