Thursday, June 14, 2007

Flag Day

While viewing my calendar at work I noticed that today is Flag Day. Besides his birthday and Christmas this has to be one of Lukas’ favorite days. He gets to help put the flag up. I called home and left a message for Cindy. Within an hour I get a return call from Lukas telling me that he helped put the flag up, and that mommy sang. In the background I hear Cindy prompting Lukas to tell me what he said after she sang the national anthem. “I said, beat Army!” That may sound obtuse, but my Naval Academy grad father always yells out “Beat Army!” when EVER the national anthem is played. At a race track, county fair, football game, high school graduation…live or on TV…every time. So I am passing that tradition on to my children.

This evening I thought I would get a picture of the kids with Old Glory. Cindy was away and I figured that I could get two kids to pose by myself. Natalie’s challenge was that she wanted to grab the flag. Lukas’ short list of issues was he wanted to hold the flag and look at the camera LCD at the same. So this is the best picture that I got.

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