Friday, June 22, 2007


Ann Marie and Russell hosted a playdate at their home, and we arrived after Natalie's therapy this morning. Chris, Hannah and Chloe came too, so the pool was almost full. It was a good experience for Lukas because he's so used to taking toys away from Natalie in the pool and giving her another one that he doesn't he had to play with kids who wouldn't let him do a switcheroo on him.

After a very yummy lunch, the kids played inside and I got this pic of them (Chloe was eating), with hats (except Natalie). Natalie impressed everyone with her close-to-crawling skills. She seems to do better in home environments than in the nursery at church. At church she doesn't demonstrate her skills as much.

Lukas is wearing a fireman hat backwards and is blowing a plastic train whistle.

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