Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Day After

We got home after 9 pm last night, but the kids didn't sleep in nearly as late as I thought/hoped they would. Natalie was up just before Tom left at 6:30, and Lukas woke at 7:30.

We ran some errands this morning then headed over to a pool play date with Karen and Hannah. Lukas and Natalie had a blast! Lukas was kicking pretty well, and Natalie was making swimming motions with her arms (at least splashing). Their pool is great for little kids (lots of area with steps and shallow water). Here's Lukas with his water wings, Natalie kicking with Karen, and Hannah humoring Lukas' myriad requests to fetch the water rings from under the water (he's still not ready to put his head under).

Lukas and Natalie will have swimming lessons at the end of the month (family event with Tom and me in the water too), so this bodes well for a fun (and exhausting) two weeks!

They had good afternoon naps, but once again I would have thought they would sleep longer...maybe they'll sleep in tomorrow morning!

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