Sunday, July 15, 2007


Two weeks ago, I came to pick up Lukas and Natalie from the nursery at church to discover Lukas hiding under the play set. One of the nursery workers mentioned to me that he had not cooperated in cleaning up toys at the end of the service.

I talked with him about it and determined that he just decided to disobey, so I told him he would not go in the nursery the next week, since he had disobeyed the nursery worker. He understood and accepted it.

Then last week he didn't go to church because we thought he was sick. I had been thinking about this issue because Tom and I really want him to stay in the service with us. The nursery is only for until a child turns age 4, so he could stay another 7 months, but in the meantime we'll be having another baby and I wanted to have him trained to stay in the service before that time.

So yesterday I brought the subject up and said, "Lukas, you won't be going in the nursery tomorrow because you're getting to be too old."

He responded, "And I disobeyed." Two weeks later, he still remembers! Me, "Yes, you disobeyed. But you're also getting to be too old."

Today we talked about it again, and he left off the disobeying part and just said, "I'm getting too old for the nursery." We had been keeping him in service for the first 30 minutes, so he was used to that much, and I explained that he would have to read a book or sit quietly for the rest of the service. And he did it! There was more whispering than we would like, but he did great for Lukas, and he didn't ask to go in the nursery once (usually he is asking before the 30 minutes is up).

We told several adults, who also complimented him on his achievement (thanks guys!), and after lunch we ordered a milk shake for him as a reward (we shared it with him).

Way to go Lukas!

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