Sunday, July 8, 2007

Nope, not a doctor

Since the kids were up late the night before with our friends, we let them sleep in, but they both seemed fine during breakfast. After breakfast, Lukas told Tom, "My throat hurts," which is a first for him--describing exactly what hurts. Usually when he says, "I don't feel well," and I ask him where it hurts, he points to his belly...all the time!

Anyway, Tom shone a light in his mouth and thought his throat looked red, and remembered he had a very slight runny nose during breakfast, so we agreed he should stay home from church. It was Tom's turn to stay with the kids (I'd done several stints in a row since Tom always seemed to have a responsibility at church on the days the kids were sick), but we still played "rock, paper, scissors" to determine who got to go to church, and I didn't feel bad when I won. :)

It was wonderful to be able to worship without the distraction of kids! And to talk to people without worrying where Lukas is running off to. On the way home I dropped some tomatoes at Kim and Tim's house, since we were supposed to go to their place for dinner that evening. Then right before I got home, I heard the "beep" on my cell phone and listened to the message from Tom that he didn't think Lukas was sick after all. Good thing HE stayed home from church with them! :)

So we ended up going to Tim and Kim's that evening. Their kids, Cameron and Chandler, hosted a fun kid's playtime too, complete with pool and sandbox. Russ and Karen were there, as well as Dan and Katie and their kids, Carly and Coco (Colette). It was great to see 6-month old Coco sit up for the first time. So it was another late night for the kids, but we had a great time!

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