Saturday, July 21, 2007


Last night we watched Chicken Little with Lukas and Natalie. Natalie went to bed after half an hour but Lukas was excited about seeing the whole thing. After about half an hour, Tom and I were not excited about Lukas seeing the whole thing. If we had read the review at Screen It, we would have known that it was basically a "G-rated" version of War of the Worlds, complete with octopus-like aliens that zap humans.

Ok, so we learned "G-rated" does not mean "suitable for kids under 5". We fast forwarded through a lot of the movie. What does "G-rated" mean? I don't know!

New rule in our house: we don't show the kids a movie that we haven't seen without a glowing recommendation from someone with kids...and then we read the review at Screen It to make sure.

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