Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy 3 1/2 Years!

I just noticed that Lukas turned 3 1/2 on Wednesday (when I looked at the age ticker at the top of my blog...see, it's there for me as well as you!)

Happy 3 1/2 years, Lukas!

Here's a picture in honor of his half-year birthday, I think from Monday or Tuesday. While Natalie was having therapy inside, Lukas put together various found objects: an old cast iron sprinkler valve, two plastic sprinkler pipes, and the bottom half of a soap dispenser (I had to order a new one because the top broke on my kitchen sink soap dispenser, and they sent me more than I needed).

This is vintage Lukas: making a new creation out of several old pieces of something. It's an indication that he'll either be a rocket scientist or a found-object artist. He was saying something about how water flows through the whole contraption (at one point, the garden hose was stuck in some are of his's a testament to his growing [learned] self-control that he didn't turn the water hose on without asking permission...especially since we had another therapy to run off to after this).

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