Thursday, August 30, 2007

The value of quiet time

On the way home from park day today (held at a mall, where there's AC on this very hot day), Lukas asked if we were going to have quiet time when we got home. We ALWAYS have quiet time in the afternoon, so I don't know why he ALWAYS asks he followed my answer with "why do we have to have quiet time?"

Here's what I said: "Because the second part of the day goes much better with quiet time. We need to rest so that we will have a good afternoon."

That's it! On the very rare occasion that he doesn't have quiet time (one recent example is that he stayed at someone's house while I took Natalie to a speech evaluation), he actually asks for it (as we were leaving the friend's house, he said, "I need to go home and calm myself down".

He knows it's good for him, but he still doesn't like it when he's having lots of fun. He and Natalie have been having two-hour quiet times, and I've been considering shortening them to 1.5 hours (Natalie rarely sleeps the full two hours)...but with a baby on the way, I might just keep it the way it is.

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