Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another long day

Yesterday was Natalie's last day of swallowing therapy. :) Here's a picture of her therapist, Sarah, and the kids on the last day. Her swallow study is Monday, which will be the last time we see Sarah. :(

Thanks for your prayers that Natalie cooperates and the study is a true reflection of how she's swallowing. We are cautiously optimistic that she is no longer aspirating: her swallow has improved a lot since the last swallow study, but she was silently aspirating the last time, which means she did not cough when the fluid went down the wrong, if she's still silently aspirating, we would have no indication of that outside the swallow study.

I'll be taking Natalie on Monday even though I can't be in the room during the study because pregnant women aren't allowed near anything x-ray like, and this involves a decent amount of of x-ray exposure. Tom took Natalie the last time, but he hasn't built up enough sick leave at his new job to take off the time, and Natalie responds well to Sarah feeding her, so everything should be fine.

After therapy we met Susan for a consultation on our choices for the color of the new kids room. Thanks Susan! I don't think we'll get a chance to start painting this weekend, but hopefully next week.

After naps we went to an optometrist repair place to have the Curly Q on one side of Natalie's glasses (part of the ear piece that wraps around her ear to keep the glasses on) fixed...even though Natalie does well with her glasses, she still pulls them off, and one had broken off. I still need to go back to the regular optometrist to get the glasses fit well again after the arms were replaced.

Here's a pic of Tom playing with the kids after dinner. He's holding Natalie back from demolishing Lukas' "marble game", which involves a maze of wood blocks with channels to allow marbles to go through. Natalie did get the honor of knocking it down when it was time for bed.

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