Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Our eggplant crop

I'm sorry to report that this is the entirety of our eggplant crop this year, from three plants. I thought we would have at least 10 eggplant, but we got five very small ones, that didn't appear until months after they should have (we've had flowers, but no eggplant). My suspicion is that they needed full sun and they only got half a day sun.

So I picked the crop today (since it's not going to get a lot warmer) and made my eggplant moussaka dish for dinner. Tom, Natalie and I loved it . Lukas didn't (he didn't like it when I made it last year, either, but he had forgotten, so he took a few bites before deciding he didn't like it).

Next year I'd like to try eggplant again, and try a different dish that the whole family might enjoy.

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