Thursday, September 27, 2007

Potty mouth

Cammie watched the kids for us the other night while Tom and I went to dinner and saw The Bourne Ultimatum (anyone who has had minor whiplash--like me--knows he could never walk away from the MULTIPLE MAJOR car crashes he's in--ok, that's the biggest suspense of disbelief for me?--but it's still a fun movie).

When we came home, Cammie told us about the kids eating dinner and said she and Lukas were talking about something food-related when he suddenly said, "Sometimes my urine is yellow. What color is your urine?"

Kudos to Cammie for NOT answering, but saying, "That's not something we ask, Lukas." Of course, Lukas asked, "why?"

I asked Cammie if he said "urine" instead of "pee", and she said he did!

Yes, our son is fascinated with all things related to the toilet, sink, running water and bodily functions. There has been less found-object art lately, so my current prediction is a water or sanitary engineer career.


Anonymous said...

Well, it could be worse. Water/Sanitation engineers make a pretty good wage. Hope his interests take him far.

Cheryl S.

Hechung said...

Hahahaha, so so funny. Good thing I wasn't watching Lukas bc I probably would've answered his question!