Monday, September 24, 2007


Saturday it rained for the first time since April. We were watching Thomas the Tank Engine when a shower started and I pointed out to Lukas that it was raining. He got very excited. I said we should play in the rain today and he immediately wanted to do that instead of watching Thomas.

I've been going through his coats and jackets this week (it suddenly turned cool), seeing which ones fit and which ones are too small or which hand-me-downs are too big, and I knew his rain jacket from last year was too small and the hand-me-down we had was too big (raincoat is on the shopping list!), but I put the big one on and rolled up the sleeves. He easily found his rain boots and tromped around in the rain while I dressed Natalie in warmer clothes on the front porch (Tom was helping at a church meeting that day). Here he is catching rain in his mouth. After the rain shower stopped, I let him jump in the water running in the street at the end of our driveway and he got every inch of his jeans pics of that because I was down there with Natalie watching for cars.

An hour later he wanted to play in his wading pool. I told him we would see after lunch, and after lunch he couldn't be convinced that it was too cold, so he dressed himself in his swimming trunks and sprayed the hose around while it was very overcast (not cold, according to him). Ten minutes in, it started to rain again and he complained about getting wet! He asked for his rain jacket and boots again and tromped around with his swimming trunks on in the backyard. This is what Natalie was doing--inside--while Lukas was enjoying the rain (1.5 inches total at our house that day). Yes, our television is tied down, so she can't pull it down on herself, and I've started putting a toy box in front of the television so she doesn't do this (at least until she can move the toy box).

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