Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A different illness

Natalie still had a fever when she woke at 10 am, so I gave her some Tylenol (by mouth, with no problem). I wanted to give her some water in the tube, but I also needed to feed Konrad, so I was planning to wait until after I'd fed him to give her the water, in case it didn't suit her.

She started to play with books in the bedroom but I decided I wanted her in view in case she got sick again. Sure enough, five minutes after I started feeding Konrad, she gave me a quick warning (enough time for me to put Konrad down and get her off the rug and onto the wood floor) and then threw up a little bit again. Konrad had to wait while I gave her a bath and changed her...then he didn't want to eat much when I came back.

This one's odd because she's only throwing up very small amounts (I'm not complaining!) so her stomach is still digesting the small breakfast she had.

Now she's had a small lunch and actually drunk a few sips of juice. Praying that this goes away soon...it seems so mild that it should.

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Michelle said...

Poor Natalie! Give her a big hug from us! Get well soon!