Monday, May 19, 2008

One down and two to go

I hadn't really thought about it that I had three kids in diapers...Lukas has been potty trained for some time, but he's been wearing Pull ups at night. We've checked in on him occasionally to see whether he's staying dry at night, but he hasn't been, and with two other kids in diapers, it's definitely not been a priority. And I don't like changing sheets, so there is no way I would just try it to see if I wasn't certain he could stay dry at night.

A week ago or so, I saw one of his Pull ups in the trash and looked at it and saw that it was completely dry. I asked him if he was dry a lot and he had no had become such a habit for him to get up in the morning, take his Pull up off, go potty, that he wasn't aware of dryness or wetness or anything.

Yesterday Tom remembered to check, and said Lukas had been dry again, so last night Lukas slept for the first time without a Pull up.

This morning....


We are so proud of him! I am especially proud of him, because I actually remember how hard it was for me to stay dry at night (and they say kids often follow how their parents did). I would have dreams that I was sitting on the potty... and, well, you know what happens!

Way to go Lukas!

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