Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What are little boys made of?

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails...and lizards!

Lukas caught a lizard...I think it crawled into a bucket that was on its side and he righted the bucket and put another one on top to trap it. I told him he could show Daddy when Tom got home (it crossed my mind that we could make a terrarium for it).

In his stream-of-consciousness style of speaking (better than Marcel Proust!), Lukas started talking about if he picked up the lizard and let him run around. I immediately STOPPED that stream of consciousness because I realized what he meant...

Me: Lukas, where would you let him run around?
Lukas: In my bedroom.
Me: Lukas, you will not take the lizard in the house, ever.
Lukas: But why?
Me: Because if we take the lizard in the house, we won't ever be able to find him.
Lukas: But he would just run under my bed.
Me: He would run under your bed, and under the couch, and we would never be able to find him or get him out, and he would die. Lukas, repeat, 'I will not take a lizard in the house, ever.'
Lukas: I will not take a lizard in the house, ever.

When Tom came home, he asked why the word "lizard" was written on the white board next to the phone. Lukas excitedly took him to show him the lizard (I had written it on the white board to make sure the lizard was not forgotten and ended up getting baked in the sun the next day). I meant to mention to Tom that I had a plastic box that would work well as a terrarium, but by the time they came back in and I asked if they'd let the lizard go, Tom said, "yes, keeping it would just postpone the inevitable."

Maybe when Lukas is 5 he can have a terrarium. Or maybe we'll start with a fish bowl first.

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Myssie said...

Oh my word! I think I would have wet my pants if one of my kids caught a lizard!! I am such a ninny!