Monday, June 30, 2008

Another milestone

This time, it's Konrad's milestone (there will be a lot of Konrad milestones coming, fast and furious, in the near future). Konrad sat up by himself for the first time today, without holding onto anything. He's already rocking on his knees, so at the rate he's going (faster than Lukas developed), I predict that Konrad will be crawling in less than a month. But, hey, if he doesn't, I won't complain!

In other Konrad news, he appears to be teething again. Thankfully, this time, he's over 6 months old so I can use the magic bullet of Motrin now. The last time he was teething, Tylenol was his only comfort, and that only lasts for four hours, whereas Motrin can last for eight hours. surprise here, but Konrad loves Lukas' toys (Natalie does too!) He enjoys his own baby toys, but today he played with Lukas' cars a bit and really enjoyed it. Lukas was looking under his bed for the "perfect" car to give Konrad to play with...any car that Lukas isn't already playing with!

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Myssie said...

Way to go Konrad!! He smile is just so sweet!