Monday, June 16, 2008

The Clapping Ambassador

While waiting to be called in for the pre-op today, I walked Natalie around the very large waiting room, with her holding on to one finger. She babbled a lot and drew attention from the other people there. Several people commented on her, and I (being the proud Daddy) walked over to them. Natalie immediately started grabbing people's hands. The first woman thought Natalie was interested in her 1"-long purple and black manicure. I agreed that Natalie might find that interesting, but what she really wanted was to clap her hands. She indulged Natalie with some handclapping, much to Natalie's delight.

Then Natalie moved on to the next woman, and grabbed her hands. By this time, woman B didn't need any instructions and started clapping her hands, too. Then Natalie moved back and forth between the two women, keeping them clapping their hands like a circus juggler who keeps the plates spinning. And she checked on me to make sure I was participating too.

It's such a joy to have a real friendly, outgoing child.

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