Friday, June 6, 2008

How old will I be?

Lukas likes to ask how old he will be when Konrad is four years old...eight!

The other day he kept going: "How old will I be when Konrad is eight?" "Twelve."

"How old will I be when Konrad is twelve?" "Sixteen. Oh my, Lukas will be driving a car!"

Now it's a game! "How old will I be when Konrad is sixteen?" "Twenty."

I'll spare you the counting by fours, but we went all the way until:

"How old will I be when Konrad is fifty-six?" "You'll be sixty, Lukas. Wow, I can't imagine you as a sixty-year old man. Let's just enjoy Lukas as a four-year old, ok?" That was starting to get to be too much for me to handle, Lukas at 60, and me probably not there to see it (ok, I could live to be 96, but the odds are not in my favor).

Thankfully, he laughed, and he actually did stop the game.

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Michelle said...

after watching the video of him talking about plumbing I can just imagine him going on and on about what age he'll be! LOL