Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Look Ma, new shoes!

Ok, I know that getting new shoes is not normally a life-changing event, but for us, it might be. I remember the first time we found a shoe Natalie would keep on for more than five seconds, we were very excited (those are the only shoes she's been wearing for several months).

Yes, all of you who think I deprive my daughter of being properly dressed because she only has one pair of shoes, or because we leave her in the church nursery without shoes because we forgot to bring them along (and if we put them on her before we are in the car, she will just take them off on the way to church)...Natalie is very hard to shoe. Those of you who have watched Natalie in the church nursery know the frustration of working with her to keep her shoes on, even the ones she currently has.

But I continue to be embarrassed for her lack of shoes and finally went to a store that has wide shoes (she needs wide sizes) and found these cute sandals. Natalie seemed to like them as well! I tried her with walking in them and she was a little more unsteady at first than with her current pair, but by the time Christina, her OT, showed up, she was walking as well as she did with the other pair.

She made no attempt to take them off all morning, so I silently hoped this would be the pair that she would love and wouldn't take off.

Then after therapy we went to a store and when I stopped the car and opened the door to get Natalie out, I saw the cute sandals on the floor...and they came off several times while Natalie sat in the stroller.

But we still have the sandals! We haven't lost them yet!

BTW, we have the same problem with hair clips...I am also often embarrassed for Natalie's lack of stylish hair clips, but she won't keep them in! (The picture above is how she looks in the morning for about 10 minutes...then the hair clip comes out and I give up...rubberbands are the only things that stay in).


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I know Alex will be hard to shoe too. Havent even thought about it yet, but I know when he is natalies age i will want shoes on his feet.

Myssie said...

Natalie looks sooooo cute in her new sandals!! I love them!

Caroline is the same with hairbows. She always rips them out within 15 minutes of me putting them in. I just give up.

Will is the same with taking off his socks in the car! If I don't have time to put on his shoes and just leave him in his socks, he has them off before we leave the driveway!


Kelly said...

I have lost shoes in every store in town and today I had to rewalk my walking route to find a hairbow!! SOOO..glad that Natalie has some shoes that she is happy with!! :) AnnaKate has the tiniest feet...she wears a size 3 shoe.

Heather said...

What a cutie ... :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE THE SANDALS!! I am so glad that you added this post! I have wondered at times why Natalie would have one shoe. Now it TOTALLY makes sense!! Duh...of course...I remember such a stage with barrettes with oldest dd. And that shoe off in the car is STILL going on with the 4 year old!
Just for one Sunday, I think you should have a sign for Natalie to wear on her back (so she couldn't take that off too)that says, "Please be patient with me. I am hard to shoe!" LOL! Then we would all get it. Or just direct them to read about it here.

Hang in there, Mama!! And don't feel badly---we get it!:) Silly kids!