Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our latest project

Yesterday Cammie came over to watch the kids while Tom and I built the foundation of our new shed. We finished the it will take another day where someone watches the kids to erect the shed.

I can't remember the last time Tom and I worked on a construction project together...we did it a lot when we first got married: building the deck and shade structure in our back yard, building fences, and doing a lot of landscaping work. Even when Lukas was born, we could work for a few hours during his nap (with the baby monitor transmitting in the back yard). But ever since Natalie came along, and now more so with Konrad, one of us watches the kids while the other one works.

Tom and I both commented about how much fun it was to work together on a project again! I really feel it is one of our bonding experiences: we did it a lot when we were first married and bonded a lot over our work. It's nice that we don't have a lot of construction projects left, but we really enjoy them when they come along. And we step right back into our traditional roles during construction: I measure and cut the wood and Tom puts in the screws or nails. We didn't even talk about it yesterday...we just each did what we always do, even though we hadn't worked together like that for several years.

I guess it's time to fix up another house...not! Not until the kids can take care of themselves.

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