Friday, June 27, 2008

VBS Day 5

Whew! It's over! Vacation Bible School was a lot of fun, but a lot of work, and we're ready to go back to our "normal" schedule (and diet...does everyone feed their kids that much sugar at home?) next week. Lukas, as usual, enjoyed the craft the most. Natalie loved her chances to get with the big crowd of kids and see what everyone was singing, clapping and laughing about. Konrad didn't see me enough, so I think he was more fussy than normal: here I thought he was the easiest baby ever, but he was a little needy in the nursery (five days in a row could do that to anyone!)

It's fun to hear Lukas slowly mentioning some of the things he learned in classes...each day I ask him what he learned, and he says, "nothing," but then as the days progress, he mentions things and I know that's what he picked up from class. I'm glad that he had the chance to be one of the older ones in his class this year, and next year he will be one of the young ones again in an older class, so that will also be fun for him.

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Kelly said...

I love Natalie standing in the middle of the crowd!! What a ham!