Friday, July 11, 2008

Another first

Today was the first time Konrad went to the beach! We know he and our other children have been deprived, not going to the beach in more than 7 months when we live 20 minutes from the ocean, but taking three kids to the beach, when two of them have to be carried quite a ways from the car to the ocean, is not something that we embark upon lightly.

The first picture reflects what Tom and I thought would be the biggest challenge of taking three kids: all the gear, and carrying two kids. Notice his expression that says, "Why did you think taking a picture of this was a good idea?" Lukas pulled the boogie board (the first time we'd brought it to the beach, at Lukas' request, and then he was too scared to try to use it), Tom had Konrad in the front pack and carried the beach umbrella and beach bag with the sand toys, extra clothes and diapers. I carried Natalie, and I think I carried our lunch box...Tom must have also carried the two cameras.

The second picture is what I should have remembered is the biggest challenge of going to the beach with small kids: the sand. The sand gets everywhere, especially when you're drooling a lot, and are still fairly unstable while crawling...a face plant can ruin everything. But baby wipes to the rescue, and all is better.

Konrad actually had a wonderful time playing in the sand. He loves running his fingers through the sand and getting a fist of it. I was worried he might put it in his mouth, but he didn't, except inadvertently when he fell or was chewing on a sand shovel, put the shovel in the sand, then put it back in his mouth. The only thing he didn't like was when I dipped his feet in the cold Pacific Ocean. After one experience with cold water, he was frightened even when I was holding him on my hip and the waves lapped around my feet (no where near his feet)...he just looked down and cried.

Natalie loves playing in the sand, but finally made her way down to the water (notice our proud walker! she actually crawled most of the way, but did try to walk). Tom and Lukas were building a sand castle, and Natalie was happy to sit in the surf and wait for each wave to douse her.

After lunch, Lukas had fun scaring the seagulls off the remnants of his sandcastle. Then it was a trek back to the car (Tom made two trips this time, to make it easier), shower the kids off, and home for baths to get all the sand that hides everywhere. It was a fun day! We did it! When I think about it, I really can't believe it worked out so well...but a big reason was that the kids cooperated and there were no meltdowns. But I need to remember to keep on having low expectations, so I won't be disappointed when it doesn't go as well.


Heather said...

His first ocean visit ... how fun! Thanks for sharing the pix :)

Myssie said...

Looks like you all had fun! Konrad's face with all of the sand on it cracks me up! Too cute.