Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eating Outside or Picture Pot Pourri

Tom and I used to eat outside almost every night during the summer...before kids. Then when we had Lukas, we did it once a week or so. Then when we had Natalie, we did it once a month or so. Now with three kids, we've done it a total of three times this summer. Moving the special chairs for the kids is a hassle, but I should do it more often!

Yesterday I suggested having dinner on the deck since the kids were playing in the pool, and I thought they'd just eat in their swimwear. It turned out to be too chilly in the shade to stay in wet clothes, although Natalie's hair still looks like she just went swimming.

I picked this picture because it shows Lukas and Natalie eating salad. Yes, our children eat salad reason why Souplantation is such a hit with our family. Lukas gets a lot of funny looks at group events when he asks for a serving of salad. In the past month or so, Natalie has started to enjoy salad too. We just keep offering them things, and eventually they like it (although Lukas still doesn't jump up and down for scrambled eggs or mashed potatoes...we're still working on that). Lukas likes blue cheese and Natalie likes 1000 island dressing.

Then there's a series of Tom feeding Natalie a chocolate cupcake. We're not phobic about making messes, but we do try to keep the mess to a minimum, so some items we feed to Natalie (instead of letting her feed herself). In the last picture, you can see what a mess she made on herself, even with having it fed to her! Time for a bath!

Finally--befitting the last child--is Konrad chewing on a toy octopus in the pool. He loved the water today (I eased him in so he could get used to the cold water and come to enjoy it). He's still really searching for a solution to that teething pain. I think one of the top front teeth should pop out looks like it's just below the skin.

Ooops, finally finally, a picture Tom took of Natalie having a cracker after water play today.


Rachel said...

Such cute pictures of your sweet children!

Terri H-E said...

Oh, do I love the one of Natalie with the grin and the police officer's 'stache! Precious.

BusyBee said...
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BusyBee said...
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BusyBee said...

We love to eat outside too, especially the messier foods. I love the convenience of being able to hose the patio down after. Natalie is a doll!