Thursday, August 7, 2008

Costco girl

You might think this post is about me, but today I'm calling Natalie "Costco girl".

After not going for several weeks, we went to Costco today. The main reason I love Costco is it's the only store in our area that seats two children (safely) in the shopping cart. When I mentioned this to my 25-year old nephew earlier this year, he cocked his head to the side and said, "Wow, I never thought of that as a reason to shop at Costco." He obviously doesn't have children.

Yep, if I don't want to wear one of my children (Konrad) while shopping, Costco is the best option. To avoid wearing a child, I try to shop at night after the kids are in bed...and that goes so much more quickly!

ANYWAY! We made the trek to Costco, and the moment we arrived in the parking lot I could tell that Natalie was very excited about going. She smiles and makes her happy sounds and shakes her arms and legs when she's excited.

But why is she excited? Because she's looking forward to the "treats", which is what I call the samples that Costco offers. Natalie loves tasting all the samples, and she usually likes most everything I give her. Oh, yeah, Lukas likes the samples a lot too!

Today they had some kind of salt and pepper potato chip as a sample. Lukas actually licked his and, handing it back to me, said, "I don't like it." Natalie had already chomped on her chip and wanted another.

I have to be careful when they serve hot samples: I put them in the shopping cart to cool down. Natalie is continuously turning around and pointing to the sample, and I have to keep saying, "It's still too hot, Natalie!" Then she uses her lips to test the temperature before taking a bite.

I got two samples of some kind of frozen carmel coffee drink: one to give to Lukas and one to share with Natalie. But Lukas was eating another sample, so I held his drink sample while I fed the other sample to Natalie...and Konrad grabbed the drink sample, which went pouring all over him. He smelled like frozen carmel coffee until we got home. That kid is fast! Konrad definitely wants to get involved in all the tastings.

Now that I read this again, it looks like we just go to Costco for the samples. Not true...I like to get milk, cheese, salad, carrots, bread and diapers there. But the kids think the samples are the main reason we go!


BusyBee said...

That's so funny because often times when we get in the car to go "bye-bye", Bella asks to go to Costco. The treats there are definitely the main attraction in our family too and the diapers:)

Kelly said...

AnnaKate also loves the Costco treats! I think Costco must have a secret ingedient. She once loved the spinach lasagna so much that I bought it...of course she does not like it at home!! :)

Rachel said...

Costco is such a great store, because it has a great quantity for a great price! But definitely those samples are the best! :D