Thursday, August 28, 2008

New toy!

At least you'd think this was the latest new has all three kids excited to play it. Lukas actually reminded me about this toy (it's been in storage under Natalie's crib, waiting for Konrad to get big enough to enjoy it...oops, I forgot about it!) So instead of playing with it with the legs off, Konrad only gets to play with it with the legs on, since he's already standing.

I had to show Lukas a picture of him when he was a baby, playing with this toy by himself, to remind Lukas that the toy is for babies, and he's already had his fair share of time on it. It's a very musical toy, and Lukas likes to play with musical toys, even if they are far beneath his age bracket.

The one downside of the toy is that a child can pinch his own fingers on the page that flips in the middle. I remember Lukas doing this, and Konrad has already done finger caught, pushing down with the other hand, and not knowing why their hand is hurting! It's a quick lesson on cause and effect!

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Kelly said...

We have this toy and AnnaKate still loves it. The finger pinching is a problem with us too!