Sunday, August 3, 2008

Picture pot pourri...

...because what you really want to see is more pictures and less prose...The Happy Ones aim to please!

Konrad snuggling in my neck after an evening feeding. All together now, "Awwwww!"

The allergy doctor let Lukas take home one of the examination gloves (non-latex, of course!) and Lukas promptly made a watering device from it (Lukas calls it a sprinkler). Tom showed Lukas how to cut slits in the ends of the fingers, then Tom used a zip-tie to attach it to the end of the hose.

The Happy Ones watching a video together. Konrad is still chewing on anything he can find to relieve the teething pain...this time, his thumb was the closest thing at hand.

The Happy Ones, minus Konrad, enjoying some after-dinner ice cream cones. Konrad needs to be a little more excited about a variety of other boring food before he gets ice cream.


Kelly said...

Fabulous pictures. You do a great job of recording all of life's moments.

Rachel said...

Cute pictures of your sweet children!