Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Time for a re-design

This morning during Natalie's in-home therapy, Lukas designed a new bubble maker. There was some discussion about how this is like a hat that George makes on Curious George...the similarity is lost on me. My rule was that the bubble juice can only be added outside...I won't have bubble juice inside the house when there's an experiment involved.

The recipe for this bubble maker included a paper towel tube, cut in the middle; a paper cup; a straw; and half a plastic Easter egg taped to the top. Lukas' plan was that bubbles would come out the top of the paper towel tube and be caught by the open Easter egg.

Here he is pouring the bubble juice in the cup, and then seeing that the bubbles came out of the cup, not out of the top of the tube. "Why isn't it coming out the top, Mom?"

This is a step in the continuation of Lukas fascination with found-object art and engineering. Hey, it doesn't have anything to do with trash cans or toilets, so I'm very excited about it!

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