Tuesday, August 5, 2008


We all know what delights the four-year old boy in our house.

Here's a look at what constitutes a tragedy in the mind of our four-year old.

When I prepared Natalie's lunch for Bible study this morning, I got a cold pack out of the freezer, and one of her magnet toys slipped in to stop the freezer drawer from closing completely. I didn't notice it.

When Tom came home for lunch with Lukas, he found popsicle juice dripping out of the freezer and four boxes of ice cream ruined.

Lukas cried. Then he cried again when I came home and Tom showed me the damage. Can you tell he doesn't get ice cream very often? (Tom is the usual consumer of ice cream in our house...except the coffee ice cream--that's mine!)

I've tried to explain the reason we don't waste water in the sink (precious resource, high water bills). Maybe I have a new way to teach him about wasting water..."wasting water is like wasting ice cream." Hmmm...it could work!


Kelly said...

A boy after my own heart! What a tragedy...

Kelly Weekes

BusyBee said...

I would cry too, I love my ice cream!

Heather said...

Oh, the horror!!!

Terri H-E said...

I so would have cried, too. Cried first to know that 4 flavors of ice cream can exist in one household! Not sure if that is possible here, with me being the number 1 consumer. But yes, Lukas had a good grip on just what a loss it was. Awe. Well, better hit the ice cream shoppe now.