Monday, February 2, 2009

Bird watching

This is what happens when we don't play in the backyard for a few days:  the hummingbirds decide that we don't live there anymore (except that Tom still fills the hummingbird feeder) and build a nest in the avocado tree (we harvested our last avocado a few weeks ago).

Lukas and Konrad and I were playing in the backyard this morning after Natalie went to school and after about 15 minutes, Lukas said, "There are bees over here."  Then I saw the hummingbird and heard it chirping.  It was chirping to warn us away.  Lukas kept saying, "There are bees," and I kept saying, "That's the hummingbird!"  After we went around and around three times, I had to stop and explain that the hummingbird's wings were flying so fast, it made the buzzing sound he thought was bees.

After we realized there was a nest, we stayed away from the avocado tree, but that was still too much for the hummingbird:  he kept chirping at us.  I don't know if they will stay and nest (if they don't already have eggs in the nest) after today.  I'll let you know what happens!


Kelly said... special. There nests are so tiny!

Kelly W.

Rachel M. said...

That is so neat! :)