Sunday, February 8, 2009

Three times the fun

Konrad got sick last Monday, Lukas got sick on Friday, and this morning Natalie woke up with the same snotty nose that is a precursor to greater things.

Tom is being re-installed as a deacon today at church after a year off the diaconate, so he has to go. I'm sad Lukas will miss seeing it (I wanted to be there too!), but hopefully Tom will get someone to videotape it so we can show Lukas when Tom gets home.

Konrad is finally on the mend, although almost a week later, his nose is just as snotty as when it all started. The good thing about three kids getting sick at three different times is that I can know how long it will all last (I think!) by remembering where Konrad was in the sickness. The third day in for Lukas, he is now starting the fever that Konrad also had on his third day. Lukas should be rolling off the fever about the time Natalie starts a fever on Tuesday.

At first I thought it would be better to have all three sick, in the same stage, at the same time...then we would just shut down all activities and make home into a hospital. For example, last week Konrad didn't get to stay in bed because Natalie had therapy two days, and Natalie and Lukas had swimming. This week, I don't think we'll be getting out of the house much at all. And since I only have two arms, it's hard to snuggle with three needy kids at the same time, but I will try to juggle them.

On the bright side, no one is throwing up! Praise God!

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angie said...

Hoping the infirmiry is closed soon:). Having sick kids is no fun. I have one sick kid...and a sick husband. THAT is no fun either. I'm just praying that the other kid (Emma who hold onto things so much longer) doesn't get it:). I'll keep your kiddos in my thoughts:).