Friday, February 13, 2009


Carianne, Terri, Jessica and Myssie guessed correctly on the previous post...that's me playing with the pots (Hechung, what are you thinking?) :) I think that was an actual outdoor cook area that my parents set up while my dad built the house...they could make coffee or something while we were at the building site during the day. Not that I probably visited the building site very often at that age!

Here's another cute comparison. I won't make you guess again, since it's pretty obvious that this is Lukas and Tom at the same age.


Hechung said...

Ha Ha Ha, I realized I was wrong right after I clicked the link to your site (I read your posts from a RSS feed) and saw "Cindy" tagged on the post but decided to put my initial guess for fun anyway :). My initial guess was based on the picture that was linked (1969) and I didn't remember how old either of you were. I just thought I'd let you know my thought process :).

Michelle said...

Lukas totally has Tom's smile!