Thursday, March 5, 2009


Let me preface this post by saying, we don't bathe our children every day. Ok, I know some consider that to be a mild form of torture, but we don't think kids who aren't dirty have to be bathed every day. We have three bath days a week, and they often get more baths during the summer.

That being said, our kids love baths...maybe more because they don't get one every day. And Konrad REALLY loves baths. Since he learned the sign for bath, he started signing it a lot...many times each day, but especially after dinner, since 99% of baths come before bedtime. And now that he can say bath, he signs and says bath as soon as dinner is over.

You'd think I'd come to expect it, but it still catches me off guard when he immediately starts asking for a bath. It was bath day when we captured this video, otherwise we wouldn't have been encouraging him so much.

And, yes, Natalie is signing and saying bath in this video as much as Konrad I watch it, it appears I am ignoring her...sorry, Natalie! I grabbed the camera when Konrad started yelling for a bath, and then Natalie came to join him.

And I have no clue what Lukas is saying at the end...some made-up words?