Saturday, March 7, 2009

Best friends

I don't think I've talked enough about how much Natalie and Konrad LOVE playing with each other and being with each other. In the morning, they always want to see what the other is doing...ditto after naps. I pray that it's only the beginning of a lifetime of friendship!

Here Natalie was reading a book and Konrad came over to see what fun he could cook up with her. She was happy to share a book, and he just wanted to giggle with her.

Of course, in true brother-sister fashion, there is still a lot of hair and glasses pulling and taking toys away from each other, but there is also a lot of hand-holding in the car and voluntarily giving each other hugs. It's too precious!


Kelly said...

I so wish AnnaKate had a sibling...Konrad can come visit for a month or two! :)

Kelly W.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

This makes the thought of another child exciting!

Michelle said...

I love the looks on their faces in the 2nd picture. That is just precious!

Rachel M. said...

How precious.... :)