Thursday, March 12, 2009

The second half of the day

Since Lukas' traumatic morning was so close to lunch, I suggested Carl's Jr. for lunch...he upped it to Pat & Oscar's, followed by Krispy Kreme for dessert.

Konrad became the needy one right after Lukas was done turns out he was just sleepy. With the time change to daylight savings time, Konrad didn't sleep during his nap time this morning, so he fell asleep in the car on the way to lunch, and stayed asleep in my arms as we stood in line to order, and while I ate my entire lunch (try eating lunch with a 27-pound kid in your's more difficult than being pregnant and eating over that belly!) He woke up in time to eat a slice of pizza.

Of course, that meant he wouldn't nap in the afternoon, and with Natalie being talkative after school, no naps were had at all! But no one was crabby, even with no naps. And Lukas was very cooperative with Natalie and Konrad, playing with them very kindly (high praise for Lukas when this happens). I ran for the camera when he was showing Konrad how to spin the wheels on his bike, and by the time I returned, Konrad was gone and Natalie wanted to take his place.

A much more fun afternoon for everyone!

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Michelle said...

that was the first thought in my head when you said you carried a sleeing Konrad while you ordered and ate, mommy muscles! LOL