Thursday, April 23, 2009

How does our garden grow?

Quite quickly, when the temperature is 90-100 degrees, like it was for four days this week. Yesterday and today has been much more enjoyable...highs in the 70s and a definitely ocean breeze hitting us. Here's Lukas watering the herbs on one of the very hot days (he's not allowed to water the tomatoes, since he drills holes in the dirt with the water stream...Tom made sure the tomatoes were watered).

Those are our tomato plants, on the right side against the house, with a hot pepper plant on each end. I've already seen a few tomato blossoms! The tree at the end is our pomegranate. I planted it because I love the flowers on a pomegranate tree, and the fruit is fun too!


Phillippa said...

Oooh! We grow tomatoes too! I think I'll have to live vicariously through your posts for the next few months because we are just about to pick the last of our tomatoes before the winter weather arrives. :-)

Rachel M. said...

Sounds delicious! My dad just bought some tomato plants the other day. I can't wait to receive delicious, fresh produce from our garden that God blesses my family with each year.

Yum, yum! (: