Monday, April 6, 2009

In which Lukas sheds his training wheels

When Lukas was 4 and we asked him when he would give up the training wheels on his bicycle, he always said, "When I'm 5." When he turned 5, we reminded him of this, and he sort of wanted to delay it until he was 6, but we could tell he also really did want to graduate to no training wheels.

We finally made time for Tom to take Lukas to the park to practice on the grass without training wheels, so Lukas wouldn't be afraid of getting hurt when he fell. He did great! And we were most pleased that the event wasn't preceded with a lot of "I can't do it!"

Here are pictures from his second day without training wheels...the whole family went to the park.

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Tarah said...

Good job Lukas! Look how beautiful your weather is. I'm glad you enjoyed the park.