Saturday, May 2, 2009

Second cousins

There's a funny video of Natalie in this post, so don't miss it!

Today was a great day of cousins and second cousins. Tom's cousin, K2 and D, with their twin girls, S2 and H2, were taking in some of the kids entertainment Southern California has to offer (Disneyland and Legoland, to start) and spent the afternoon at our home with Tom's parents and siblings and their spouses, and another cousin. And it was Tom's sister, Patrice's birthday! Here is Tom with his siblings, George, Chris and Patrice.

S2 and K2 loved pushing Natalie on the swing, almost as much as Natalie loves swinging. Tom's cousin Jean and H2 were on the other end to say hi, after S2 pushed Natalie. Konrad thought "one more year, and then I'll be able to keep up with those kids!" as he watched the bigger kids with Kathrin and Patrice.
Jewelee enjoyed pushing second cousins H2 and S2 on the swing.
D playing keep-away with the kids.
Patrick checking out the buffet table.
Jim, K2 and Leanne...
...and Dad, Mom and Patrice (one of Mom's original paintings is behind her on the wall).

Kathrin made a spectacular dessert for Patrice's birthday cake: slices of jelly roll cake with ice cream in the center and strawberry sauce on top. She says her family calls it "Rosemary's dessert" after the woman who first made it, but we'll call it "Kathrin's dessert" in America! Here are the kids clamoring for their pieces.

And here's the funny video of Natalie I promised. She's the only one "screaming", so don't think that's anyone else making that noise! She is so excited to be playing with the other kids, and since they had been screaming, she picked it up and decided to go with it! Thankfully she hasn't continued to scream since the party!


Michelle said...

LOL too cute! And she kept going after the bonk on her head by the ball! Tough cookie!

Cindy said...

That was a light ball, like a beach ball. But she is a tough cookie...she has two brothers, so she has to be!

Rachel M. said...

Those are great pictures. The video was too cute! :D

Sarah Hettervik said...

LOL that video of Natalie is so cute. I don't think I've ever heard her hit that high of an octive LOL. I love the finale of the ball bonking her on the head. Super cute!

Tarah said...

OKay the ball part was kind of funny, she wasn't even fazed by it.

Jacqui said...

Too cute. thanks for sharing, it made my day!!!