Friday, May 15, 2009

Too busy to blog

We've had a busy week! I've meant to blog sooner than this, but am just getting around to editing pictures.

We had a fun playdate with Kevin and Nathan at a park that we hadn't visited for a long time. It's great to visit different parks...we've sort of been in a rut with going to the same local park, and I need to find other playgrounds to put into the mix.

Here's a perfect example of how helpful Kathrin is...the four boys want to do the same thing, yet need to be supervised (loading sand in trucks is serious business!) and Natalie wants to do something completely different. So Sandy and I could catch up while we watched the boys, and Natalie got to do what she wanted with Kathrin--SWING! So everyone was happy and it was much less stress for me, not running back and forth between the different areas of activity.

It's also wonderful to see Natalie at the playground. I often go to the playground with just the two boys while Natalie is at school. But when I see her at the playground, I can really see how much she's improved physically as she plays. The second picture of Natalie in the swing to me shows a much better control of her body...she can swing herself on her belly by pushing with her feet, and she even spins herself around a little (unlike a lot of other kids with RTS, Natalie does not seek to spin all the time). And she was climbing the stairs and going down slides without assistance and quite confidently.

Konrad also loves sliding and climbing... thankfully he didn't try to climb the spider's web that Lukas found.

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Kelly said...

Looks like a great park! Max loves to swing too! Kelly F