Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We are now swimming

I think I will finally say that Lukas can swim. It's not graceful, and it's not efficient, but he can swim the length of the pool, rolling over on his back to breathe, and then rolling on his stomach to swim. We are very proud of him for learning this skill, because it involved some fear on his part, and he is not an adventurous person in the realm of sporting endeavors. There are other areas I'd say he is adventurous...talking, examining toilets, making pipe creations...but not swimming or bicycling or any other sport.

And today Natalie made a step forward, turning onto her back to breathe, by herself (usually the instructor has to turn her over, since Natalie wants to stay in the water as long as possible). Mind you, she didn't stay on her back long enough to actually breathe, but the fact that she rolled over on her own is a step.

Of course Natalie is wearing a bathing suit! You wouldn't think I would forget her bathing suit, not when Kathrin is feeding and dressing the children, cleaning the house and washing dishes, would you? Of course I wouldn't forget something so obviously necessary to a swimming lesson...I have nothing else to do at home except remember to bring Natalie's bathing suit! And I wouldn't forget clothes for Lukas to change into after his lesson, either!

Thankfully, the swim diaper was in the swimming bag already, or Natalie would have completely missed her lesson (Lukas wears his swim trunks to the lesson, so I don't have to remember to bring that). Tomorrow, I will try to remember to put my head on!

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Phillippa said...

I'm always terrified I'm going to forget the towel. :-)