Friday, June 12, 2009

The Arrival

Lukas and I picked up our new guest, Doris, at Los Angeles International Airport this afternoon. We left early enough to beat the traffic, and to find parking at the airport. When we arrived we had enough time to go to the top of a parking structure and watch the planes land and take off. After that we set off for the terminal.

The terminal is under construction and was quite a mess. All the airline signs posted on the side of the building were useless because everyone is funneled through one exit below the AeroMexico sign. As we approached the funnel, people were lined up on either side of the rope waiting for arriving passengers. The only thing missing was the red carpet.

We finally asked for assistance (being a guy, it took me about three or four minutes to ask) and was directed to an indoor waiting area that was more comfortable for a five year old. Because of customs we were anticipating another 90 minutes of waiting, but to our great surprise Doris popped up in less than an hour. Yeah! She is really here.

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Cindy said...

Yeah! It's so nice to finally meet her!