Saturday, June 27, 2009

A great day at the beach

Let me just start by saying: we've been to the beach many times, but this may have been our best beach outing ever.

How can that be? The main reason it was so wonderful is that we went to a new beach that is much nicer than the one we usually go to. The whole reason we never went to this beach before is the distance. But today we got there in just over 30 minutes, so it's definitely not too far, as long as traffic cooperates. For all the locals, you'll ask, Which beach? It was Diver's Cove just north of the main Laguna Beach.

Several things made it WONDERFUL. First of all, the walk from the car to the landing place for our stuff was about 1/3 the distance that we normally have to walk (lugging all manner of beach paraphernalia and small children). Secondly, there were several tide pools, so the kids (especially Lukas) and the adults could look for ocean animals that live in shallow water...hermit crabs, sand crabs, other little crabs, anemones, and lots of mussels and barnacles. It was a blast! Thirdly, the water was so clear (because it's protected in the cove) that we could see our feet, and actually see fish in the water.

So it WAS a little cold (59 degrees) but that didn't keep us out of the water. Doris might have said "it's so cold!" about 100 times, but she still swam and used her goggles to look under the water. Lukas loves running in the waves, and Natalie is quite content to stand still and let the waves wash up to her waist (she's the one in the red Angels hat). Konrad is not yet interested in water that cold. He and Natalie spent a lot of time playing in buckets of water, away from the surf.

We'll be back!

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