Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It does rain in California...

...once in a while.

We had just returned from getting the car washed (!) when it started sprinkling. Tom could explain how this could happen in June (something about a monsoon from Mexico) when it normally only rains in the winter.

Anyway, I scurried the car into the garage (so it wouldn't get rained on after being washed) and got the kids out so they could play in the rain. Lukas insisted on getting his raincoat, thinking it was going to be an actual rainstorm. Natalie and Konrad just loved feeling the few huge drops that came down (usually I don't bring them out in the rain because there are two of them and cleaning up after both is--would be--a lot of work).

After Lukas came out with his raincoat, he realized Mom was right...it's not a rainstorm, just a few sprinkles.

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Ana said...

Playing in the sprinkles is fun!Mom's are always right... ;)!