Monday, October 25, 2010

It wasn't a fluke

With Tom and Lukas away for four days (they returned safely last night!) it was easier to stay home and work on potty training with Natalie.  We still went to therapy on Thursday, and we went to a local community event on Saturday, but other than that we stayed home.  I also detest getting small kids in and out of Tom's van by myself (he took my van on the trip) and his van is not as "fun to drive" as my minivan.  So it was an easy choice to make...and oh, so necessary to have home time for Natalie to practice using the toilet.

Drumroll...Natalie went ALL DAY yesterday without a diaper (even during nap time--she cried when I tried to put a diaper on her before her nap, so I left it off) and she stayed dry ALL DAY.  She finally had a poop accident at 6:30 p.m. so I just got her ready for bed. 

This morning I sent her to school without a diaper on (she is on the bus for about 40 minutes) and she came home with the same pants on, so it must have gone well.  ;)

She used the toilet before we left for therapy at noon, didn't use the toilet at therapy, then used it when we came home.

I'm overjoyed, astonished, many adjectives. 

She still isn't telling me at home that she has to go, but just the fact that she is using the toilet when I put her on it (after SHE turns on the light, puts her potty seat on the toilet, takes her pants and underwear down) is huge...and she's staying dry.  I expect there to be accidents in our future, and now I have to remind myself to remind her to go, but we have made some serious progress on this journey!



Michelle said...

Wow that's just fantastic!!! Way to go Natalie! (no pun intended!) That's so exciting!!

Brandi said...

Yeh for success! One in diapers in the near future... fabulous!

Nicky said...

You're just so AWESOME Natalie - well done!! And well done to all Mom's hard work too :)

Cindy said...

Thanks, Nicky, but I give all the credit to Natalie's great teacher, Melanie, for getting the ball rolling. After the ball is rolling, it's easy to keep pushing it along...

AND way to go Natalie!