Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Konrad's prayer

Every night before the kids go to bed, we pray together as a family, starting with the youngest and going to the oldest.  In the past, Konrad's prayers centered on praying for his Uncles: Jim, Patrick, George, Gary, Julian, Eric, Joel.   Recently, Konrad has gotten longer and longer in his prayers, and often they're difficult to understand because he is talking softly and not very clearly (and not just reciting the names of uncles).

Tonight we were in a hurry to get to bed and he started with his mumbling, so after a bit I said, "In Jesus' name, amen" to help him finish.

Konrad:  I have more stuff!
Cindy:  Ok, go ahead.
K:  mumble mumble
C:  In Jesus' name, amen.
K:  I have more stuff!
C:  You can continue your prayer when you're in bed, Konrad.  You can pray as long as you want in bed...all night long!
K:  mumble mumble
C:  In Jesus' name, amen.
K:  And I hope I get a yummy pop when I go potty.  In Jesus' name, amen.

(Somehow THAT was intelligible!  I think he suddenly realized that potty training is going on in the house and he's not getting the treats anymore).

Then when I tucked him into bed, I reminded Konrad that he could keep praying.

C:  Can you see God?
K:  No, I cannot see God, but he always sees me.
C:  Right, Konrad, he's watching you right now and you can talk to him.
K:  ...Uncle Patrick, Uncle Gary, Uncle Jim...

That was about the sweetest thing ever!


Jessica said...

That is very sweet!

Michelle said...

That is too cute! One time Andrew prayed "God is great. God is good. Let us thank God for our...[chicken] nuggets." I got a good laugh out of that one but had no clue where he came up with the 'style' since we don't pray any rhyming prayers. A few weeks later while I watched a Veggie Tales with him, I noticed that Larry the cucumber prayed that very prayer. LOL Now I get it!