Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What is happening RIGHT NOW at The Happy Ones?

Tom is at work.

Lukas is at school (the off-site school that he attends once a week).

Konrad and Dominik are asleep in their beds.

Natalie is in her room singing "You use the potty!" from Elmo's Potty Time at the top of her lungs.  I was at her school today for a meeting and happened to see Natalie's teacher and asked how potty training is going (since I'm not getting any notes or communication home...grrr...top of the list for the next IEP meeting!)  She said yesterday Natalie had an accident, then later used the toilet , but didn't complete void, so she ended up going in her pants again 2 minutes later.  Today, Natalie had an accident, then used the toilet later and stayed dry until she got on the bus (only 1 wet change in the bag today!)  She still hasn't used the toilet at home since a month ago.  But I'm glad she's using it somewhere....it's a start!

Cindy is sitting at the computer typing this, hoping Natalie will quiet down so I can take a nap before it's time to go pick up Lukas from school!

...wait, it's quiet. 


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Cindy said...

More singing...quiet...more singing. Should I try to go back to bed or just give up? 2 more minutes...