Sunday, December 12, 2010

Grandpa needs your prayers

Tom's dad tripped and broke his hip and shoulder last week.  He hasn't had hip surgery yet because the doctors are waiting for his body to be strong enough for the surgery.  Please pray for God's will in his recovery and wisdom for his doctors and family. 

Tom and Lukas visited him at the hospital yesterday, so yesterday while they were gone the three other kids and I went to the park for some serious cycling time.  You can only practice pedaling so much in the driveway...long sidewalks are much better. (please excuse the cell phone pic)

Konrad really took to it on his bike (he had done these same paths on the trike a few months ago) and Natalie made some real progress on her trike.  I pushed Dominik in the stroller and Natalie pedaled her trike at about the speed I was walking.  Way to go!


Jessica said...

Sending prayers from Canada, sorry to hear this.. I can't believe your riding bikes in Dec.. So not fair!!! Why do I have to live up here :-(

Cindy said...

Thanks, Jessica. We enjoy the nice weather, but once in a while it would be nice to not have to drive to the snow!

Karen said...

I too am praying for Tom's Dad. Hope he has a quick recovery.