Friday, January 21, 2011


This is what happens when you (I) leave your 6-year-old in charge of the baby, while taking Natalie to the bathroom.

Did I mention there were three boys in the sandbox?  We truly have the three musketeers. Konrad was sooooo happy to be playing along with the big boys.  So happy that he couldn't help eating the sand.  Did I mix up my sons' names?  Of course, I meant Dominik!



Brandi said...

Good job Dominik! You are a big boy now. Tell your mommy to relax about the sand. You could have been something worse in your mouth. Thank goodness you don't have animals that leave surprises in your sandbox, now that would be gross!

Cindy said...

The funniest part is I would yell, "Is Dominik eating sand?" and Lukas would respond, "No." He didn't even look at him!

But thanks for keeping it all in perspective...I'm actually not that grossed out by kids eating sand or dirt. But the other stuff is a no-way-no-how.