Saturday, January 8, 2011

The other theme park

Tom won some tickets to Knott's Berry Farm, so we went yesterday for the first time with kids.  It was a spectacular day:  hardly any lines all day and new discoveries!

Lukas asked to ride this "adult" ride...Tom is excited!

This is where Lukas realizes he shouldn't be on this ride.  "I will never ride this ride again!" is heard by Tom several times.

This is the boy who is too short but wanted to ride the ride, even after seeing how Lukas disliked it.

Kathrin and I rode the Xcelerator.  We're right in the middle of this picture as the roller coaster "hydraulically launches you off the line at an electrifying top speed of 82 mph in 2.3 seconds".  It was definitely electrifying.

This is where we're happy to still be alive.

Time for more calm fare...making our way to Camp Snoopy, where we spent most of the day.  Natalie is beeping the horn on this truck at Rocky Road Truckin' Company.  Every seat has its own horn to beep, which can make quite a cacophony!

Snoopy Bounce

The little ferris wheel.  I was behind Tom and Natalie with the boys (Kathrin stayed on the ground with Dominik).  As the ferris wheel started, Lukas said he didn't want to ride it after all, so I talked about looking up and seeing the sights of Orange County and enjoying the ride.  Pretty soon he was enjoying it (Konrad loved it the whole time)...but then I started feeling sick.  So I had to give some of that self talk to myself!

Log Peeler.  Lukas was actually too tall to ride this ride!

Timberline Twister.  I couldn't fit in it to ride with the kids, but they all rode together and had a great time!

Just to prove Dominik was there too!

Huff and Puff.  The kids have to make themselves go...they loved it!

Somehow Konrad was 1" too short to ride this ride by himself, so Tom squeezed himself in.

Lukas loved the zip around the ends.

Natalie's turn!

But they're not too short to ride the Red Barron by themselves, which goes in the sky!  Go figure!

Natalie and Konrad saying hi to Snoopy.

And Snoopy saying hi to Dominik!

Lukas isn't that tall...I had to lift him up for the picture.

Enjoying some fudge-covered Oreos.

Hanging out with the local 49ers.

We had such a great time...did I mention there was hardly anyone there on a Friday?  We would love to buy a season pass since they are soooo much less expensive than Disneyland, and our kids actually have more fun on the rides at Camp Snoopy than at Disneyland.  If you see us there again, it probably means we bought season passes.


Jessica said...

Looks like a fun day!! Have to admit, that I'm glad to see you NOT wearing shorts and T shirts, while its snowing and only 17 here without the windchill. I might have to visit ya, if your in shorts and T's ;-) Hugs

Jessica said...

PS, very jealous to see leaves though!!!! Thats just so weird in Jan!!!

Cindy said...

I'll take a picture of us wearing shorts and t-shirt sometime this month for you, Jessica. You know you don't need that as an excuse to visit.

Tom said...

I need to check the pictures after they are downloaded. I think my "Mr. Fish" impression in photo #1 is equal to a picture with your eyes closed. Delete! :>)