Monday, February 7, 2011

The tooth story begins

Lukas is about to lose one of his top teeth (he's already lost two bottom teeth, and the adult teeth are almost completely grown in).  He's been excitedly wiggling the top tooth to make it more loose.

Today during school, he was wiggling it quite a lot and I finally had to tell him that he would have to wait for school to be over before he could wiggle it any was interfering with the lessons so much!

Then during playtime, Lukas announced, "I'm going to stop wiggling my tooth and save it for it to fall out on my birthday."

Me:  I think it will fall out before your birthday, Lukas.
Lukas:  I'm going to make sure it stays until my birthday, and if it doesn't fall out on my birthday, I'll pull it out then.
Me:  But what if it falls out before your birthday? (15 days to go!)
Lukas:  Then I'll glue it back in.
Me:  What will you use to glue it back in?
Lukas:  Just regular glue.
Me:  You mean like Elmer's glue?
Lukas:  Yeah, that would work.  Oh, wait, I forgot that I hate the taste of glue!
Me:  (I'm a little taken aback by this...I know everything on Lukas' diet and didn't think glue was on it...and I don't know what to say...but don't worry, Lukas will talk!)
Lukas:  Glue tastes like rotten eggs, and I don't like the taste of it.
Me:  (Thinking, ok, that problem is solved!)

So I took a picture...what may be one of the last pictures of Lukas with all his top baby teeth (his top right tooth...on the left, is the one that's loose).  My baby isn't a baby anymore!

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